Apache PDFBox unofficial .NET-releases

About this release

This is an unoffical release of Apache PDFBox based on the official 1.7.0 release. I used ikvm to convert all jars into dlls. This package additionally contains executables for the most important command line utilities of PDFBox.
As I'm not a .NET-expert I'm afraid that I can't answer any .NET-related questions. Please join the project mailing lists if there are any issues concerning PDFBox.

Used environment


Just download the dlls from this release and the ikvm-dlls to enjoy PDFBox in the .NET world.


pdfbox-1.7.0-dlls.zip includes all needed dlls
digital signature of the zip file using my developer key
pdfbox.-1.7.0-dlls.md5 MD5 checksum of the zip file
pdfbox.-1.7.0-dlls.sha SHA1 checksum of the zip file

Building your own version

Just follow the instructions provided by the PDFBox project. Use the most recent version of the build.xml file to get the best result.

About me

My name is Andreas Lehmkühler and I'm a committer and PMC member of PDFBox. I'm also a proud member of the Apache Software Foundation.

Copyright © 2012 Andreas Lehmkühler

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Last modified: May 31 2012